About Us

Based in central New Jersey, Atlanticom Systems designs and installs a variety of security systems to meet the needs of any sized business. Founded in 1996, our business is concentrated in Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems (PACS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).

Our authorized service centers include all the major markets throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom which enable us to provide our unique blend of dedication and experience anywhere our customers needs are. Through five strategically located fulfillment centers around the U.S. we also offer rapid shipments of 1000’s of items in stock…in many cases arriving within a day or two by ground.

Developing a successful integration company started long before we installed our first system…and long before our strategic alliances. It started when our team members started their careers in industries that have the same customer service goals that we now embrace and in the industries we now serve as clients. Through all this, our team members bring with them the experience needed to know exactly what our clients needs are.

We stay ahead of the curve…

embracing new technology…

and creating new solutions to old problems.

There are countless integrators for you to choose from, from the biggest to the smallest. We are distanced from them not only by our experience in this industry but by our backgrounds in government, retail and industrial applications. Problems will likely arise with any sized project…in the long run, what truly separates us from the pack, is our ability to rise up to those challenges, deal with the issues, and deliver a product that fills your needs today and tomorrow with quality service to back it up.

Imagine what we can do for you.